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Equipment and spare parts

Extra equipment and spare parts for the different cabinets.

Equipment for cabinets:
– Underfloor heating cable with switch

– Fan and thermostat for the compressor
– Magnet valve and electrical button for water
– Heating for the water piping
Drainvessel for condenswater in air piping.
– Magnetic catch
– Radiator (outdoor selling cabinets)
– Frost alert

– Electric lock
– Timer
– Stands
– etc.

Compressed-air equipment:
– Compressor
– Air filler for tyres
– Hoses, valves, pipes
– Drum for air hose
– Tyre-filling pistol

Spare parts:

– Parts for air and water piping
Armature and junction box
– Parts for hinges
– Tape with text
– Glass for doors
– Ledges
– etc.