Wall sheets

Our wall sheets can be used in car wash bays, kitchens, bathrooms, cafées, restaurants, farms, etc.

– Moisture resistant
– Resistant against car wash chemicals
– Don't rust or loose colour
– Hygienic, easy to clean
– Isolates electricity
– Easy and fast installation
– Large choice of colours

Material: Fibreglass, gelcoat

Thickness: 10 mm

Choice of pattern:
– smooth, width 1750 mm
– tile, width 1230 mm

Beam interval: 583 mm

Length: 4000 mm.

Ledges: Corner and window ledges. U-profile and drip strip mould for lower edge. 30 x 30 x 4500 mm, inner- and outer corner.

Installed on batten. Male/female-groove on the sheet. The groove is attached with screws at 300 mm distance. The groove of the following sheet cover the screws. If necessary elastic glue or packing mass can be used. The sheets are easy to work with. Installation is fast and problem-free.